Madge’s fight in film festival role. . .

A short film charting Madge Elliot’s fight to save the Waverley Line will be shown as part of the Alchemy Film Festival which takes part in Hawick’s Tower Mill this weekend.

The 40-minute long film is titled It’s Quicker by Hearse – The Tale of the Petitioning Housewife, the Protesting Schoolboy and the Campaign Trail Student who, together with her 11-year-old son Kim, Harry Brown the piper and University Railway Society President Bruce McCartney, marched to Downing Street in 1968 with an 11, 768 signature petition protesting at the closure of Hawick’s train Station.

Filmaker Esther Johnson follows this film with a new work specially commissioned by Alchemy film and Moving Image Festival, The Sun is but a Morning Star, in which she worked with the resident’s of Hawick to create a film exploring the notion of Independence.

The Alchemy Film and Moving Images festival started yesterday and runs until Sunday. It features around 20 films and they take place in and around Tower Mill. Film entrance costs £4 and the movie featuring Madge Elliot starts at 3.50pm on Sunday.