Let Jesus make ‘all things new’

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He had just returned from a year out, travelling. He had visited all the places of his dreams. He spoke of the weather (everywhere seemed to be better than Scotland), the luxuries (all cheaper than back home), and the people (all exciting, friendly and interesting). We were all getting fed up with his praise of the rest of the world and someone let slip “Why’d you come home if it’s all brilliant away from here?” There was an awkward pause and he said “Because I learned something: it doesn’t matter where you go, you always take yourself with you.”

New Year can be like that. We often hope that it will make everything better, different, happier; yet after only a few days we feel disappointed. Resolutions are broken; everything is like last year.

We discover that we take our selves with us into the New Year. Is it bound to be same old, same old?

Not necessarily. In the last book of the Bible, Jesus says, “Look I am making all things new.” He can make your New Year really new if you let him. Have a truly happy New Year.