Lessons on how farmers’ market could be made more to town’s taste

I was most disappointed that there were only five stalls at last Friday’s farmers’ market, but I know what a huge effort Evelyn Sangster and Future Hawick have put into this venture and they should be praised.

We are, it seems, again to be the victims of the “use it or lose it” problem that we often face in the town. It seems that, too often, we are guilty of taking for granted what perhaps others elsewhere cherish more.

In France this year, my wife Arlene and I enjoyed a couple of evenings at an outdoor market eating and drinking the fare on show in modest-sized towns – good food and local produce cooked or sold around a set of trestle tables with some local music. Indeed, you could even 

Wouldn’t it be great to see such an event with local food outlets, musicians and producers all coming together one night a month from May to September in, say, the Civic Space or the Lesser Haugh? Young and old could enjoy the event.

My days of trying to organise things are largely done, but to save the excellent market, we need to inject new ideas, find more organisers or indeed just use the facility.