Laying out ‘facts’ on rugby development

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IN R ESPONSE to Gerry McGuinness’s letter on, July 26), I would like to state a few facts:

1. Hawick Quins can speak for themselves (in reference to George Storey’s letter to the paper on July 19).

2. Hawick Quins, Hawick and the Trades were the only clubs which sponsored the tackle rings for the primary schools (reference to helping financially).

3. Hawick Quins hosts an annual primary schools tournament at Wilton Lodge Park with the help of Rocky Johnstone (reference to helping practically).

4. Last season, Hawick approached PSA and Wanderers secretaries to sponsor a match ball at one of each team’s home games this season (reference to helping financially).

5. Hawick Quins have recently committed to donating money to at least one or more primary school rugby equipment funds.

6. Rocky Johnstone has not helped coach Hawick Wanderers of PSA, while in in his role as Hawick rugby development officer (reference to Rocky developing players).

7. Very few players have made the step up from semi-junior to any club over the past two or three years (reference to developing players).

8. When Hawick had a seconds team, Hawick YM refused to release players, stating they would only let their players turn out for the first XV (former seconds team manager Jim Beattie can confirm). And this was when the seconds were in the top seconds league in the country and the YM were in East League Division 5 (reference to playing at next highest level).

9. Hawick Quins have always helped out Hawick when they can.

10. If any Quins player feels he would better his chances of playing for Hawick by playing for the YM, no one at the club would stand in his way.

11. Hawick Quins will always try to develop players and encourage them to play for Hawick RFC.