Latvian gets four years for stabbing brother

A LATVIAN man who stabbed his brother and a friend with a kitchen knife has been jailed for four years.

Dainis Jeromans attacked his sibling Janis and Andrejs Vitolins following a row at a flat in Dovemount Place on April 2 this year. He appeared at the High Court in Glasgow having earlier admitted to the two assaults.

Lord Tyre told the 24 year-old that the prison term would have been six years, but for his guilty pleas. The judge said it was “fortunate” Jeromans’ brother received medical treatment otherwise he could have been facing a murder charge.

He went on: “You have pled guilty to two very serious assaults carried out with a large kitchen knife.

“One victim was your own brother. It is my duty to pass a sentence that sends out a clear message that the use of bladed weapons will be dealt with severely.”

Jeromans was said to have lashed out after he was assaulted by the men.

Defence lawyer Susan Duff told the court that Jeromans had originally come to Scotland to find work and help support his mother in Latvia.

Miss Duff added: “It is clear he is genuinely distressed at his own behaviour and distressed at the harm that he has caused.

“Since being in custody, he has had no contact from family or friends.

“What he did was an irrational and extreme response to a far less serious assault on him.

“Although he had been drinking, he does not seek to blame alcohol for his behaviour.”