Langlands Bridge concern

The poor state of Langlands Bridge has been highlighted at a meeting of the Community Council for the second month running.

Vice-chairman Cameron Knox says he’s concerned that it gives the wrong impression, especially as it leads to the new bandstand.

Mr Knox said: “The bridge is in need of re-painting, it looks shabby and I would like to see some action being taken sooner rather than later.”

And this week, council estate’s manager Frank Scott said: “This is being discussed at the moment but this is not a five minute job and to do it properly isn’t cheap. You could be talking in the region of £20,000 as it would need sandblasted before it is re-painted and it would need to be scaffolded.

“The boundary is the middle of the river so half is the responsibility of the council and the other half would fall to Amey but I have no idea of timescale.”

Langlands Bridge marks a former burgh boundary and was built in 1894.

It was named after the family who lived for 500 years in the eponymous tower which stood where the museum now stands.