Langhope Rig wind farm turbines set to be delivered next spring

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HUGE turbines for the Langhope Rig wind farm will be brought through the area next spring.

It was revealed at Hawick Community Council this week that the transportation would take place at the end of May and beginning of June – which would clash with the town’s quincentenary celebrations of Hornshole.

Community Councillor Cameron Knox said: “I told them it won’t be possible as the roads are closed at that time for other things. They said the police were in charge and it would be up to them when they bring them through.”

However, SSE Renewables, who are behind the development, insist no date has been fixed and they will consult with all community councils before making a decision.

A spokesperson said: “We are engaging with the local community councils impacted by the turbine deliveries from an early stage in the process to ensure we are aware of any local issues or planned community events so that we can implement this into our delivery schedule next year.”

The Langhope Rig Wind Farm, situated approximately 5km west of Ashkirk and 4km south east of Ettrickbridge, will begin construction in the autumn.

Construction of the ten-turbine site is expected to take place over 12-14 months with turbine deliveries planned for spring 2014.

A schedule will be confirmed to communities along the route within the next few weeks.

The turbines are expected to travel from the A68, through Denholm and Hawick town centre before travelling along the B711 past Roberton to the site entrance.

It is understood transporters will have to reverse into the junction at Martin’s House as they can’t get the transporter around the corner at Martins Bridge.

Railings at the Eastgate in Denholm and various road signs may also have to be taken away.

Councillor Zandra Elliot said: “It’s really going to upset an awful lot of communities and I don’t think it should be allowed.”

The turbine deliveries will be undertaken under the direction of Transport Scotland and will be led by local police through a convoy system.

A trial run is planned for autumn, although details are still to be confirmed.