Lamont slams SNP’s white paper

Hawick MSP John Lamont
Hawick MSP John Lamont
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HAWICK MSP John Lamont has hit out at the SNP’s white paper on independence and branded it a huge disappointment

The 650-page document, which aimed to answer some of the many questions that have been asked of the nationalists’ referendum campaign, was launched today at a press conference in Glasgow, but Mr Lamont believes it has done little to dispel the question marks that still hang over the Yes campaign, with little more than two pages dedicated to key issues such as Scotland’s future currency.

the Tory member told the Hawick News this afternoon: “Despite a huge build-up from the SNP over the last few months, this white paper can do nothing but disappoint. It was supposed to offer an insight into how the SNP would pay for a separate Scotland, but instead has offered nothing but the usual assertion and bluster that we have had already.

“Important issues have been totally glossed over in the paper, with the SNP instead making a huge number of spending commitments without explaining how they would pay for them. The reality is that if the SNP want to pay for the things they have promised they will either have to slash public spending or introduce a massive hike in taxes.”

“With a different immigration policy to the rest of the UK, there is no way that the SNP will be able to guarantee that we won’t have border controls at Coldstream. If the UK Government takes a tougher stance on the issue then there is every chance that there could be checkpoints along our border.”

Mr Lamont added: “I know that many people in the Borders will be extremely disappointed with what they’ve been given to read today, and they deserve better. When we currently have the best of both worlds by being in the United Kingdom, this paper totally fails to convince why we should give that up.”