Lamont slams £2m ‘quick fix’ for potholes

HAWICK MSP John Lamont has urged the Government to do more to sort the dire state of roads in the Borders, after it was announced that Transport Scotland’s operating companies had been allocated an extra £2m to fix pot holes across the country.

And he has accused the SNP executive at Holyrood of electioneering.

Mr Lamont said: “In reality this is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed to sort out the dreadful state of roads in the Borders and across Scotland.

“The problem goes far deeper than any £2m quick fix. There is an election in the offing so perhaps we should not be surprised at the timing of this announcement.

“Both the SNP in government and the previous Labour-led Executive have been reckless in their sustained disregard for our national roads infrastructure. And whilst Mr (John) Swinney (Finance Minister) makes this announcement, his budget has slashed roads maintenance over the next year.

“With a distinct lack of public transport alternatives, our road network in the Borders is even more important than in other parts of the country.

“The roads need to be sorted as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to cars and reduce the risk of accidents caused by drivers trying to avoid pot holes.”