Lamont fumes as T-Mobile hangs up on rural signal

Residents could lose out on access to mobile phone coverage after a decision to switch off a mast covering an area near Newcastleton.

And local MSP John Lamont, pictured, has taken up the fight to have the mast reconnected.

He said: “I have been contacted by constituents who are concerned by the recent decision by T-Mobile to switch off a mobile phone mast, leaving an area near Newcastleton without signal.

“People understand that some rural areas do not yet have a mobile phone signal. However, it is particularly frustrating that an area which has had coverage in the past has had the service removed. People often rely on their mobile phones, particularly in the event of an emergency and it is disappointing that the availability of the service seems to have been altered in recent months.

“I have contacted T-Mobile’s Chief Executive to establish the reasons for withdrawing the service and to urge them to reconsider.