Lamont demands Vodafone talks

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Hawick-based MSP John Lamont has demanded a meeting with the Chief Executive of Vodafone UK after their services went down yet again in Hawick over the weekend.

It comes after Vodafone customers have spent the majority of the last three weeks without the ability to make or send phone-calls or texts.

Mr Lamont says that many local Vodafone customers have suffered from the company’s “shoddy handling” of the recent blackout, which has spanned most of the month of April.

“It has been yet another weekend where many customers of Vodafone have been left without mobile services,” said Mr Lamont. “They seem totally unable to provide a reliable service and I have received many complaints from constituents who are all fed up with the situation.

“What makes matters worse is that their customer services are providing little or no help. It is unsurprising that many Vodafone customers in the area are trying to switch providers, but Vodafone are even refusing to hand out the PAC codes they need to make the switch.

“That is why I have requested an urgent meeting with the Chief Executive of Vodafone UK, Guy Lawrence. The total incompetence shown by his company in dealing with this matter is deeply concerning.

Mr Lamont said he would also seek talks with communications watchdog Ofcom to voice his concerns over Vodafone’s service in and around the town.

He said: “I have also arranged a meeting with the regulator Ofcom to discuss this issue. I will be making them aware of Vodafone’s shoddy handling of this situation and pushing them to take steps to ensure they this can never be allowed to happen again.”