Lack of care with pay at St Andrews home

A former worker at St Andrew’s Care Home has accused the Bradford-based employers of failing to pay a week’s salary.

The stinging criticism of Park Homes is the latest to be levelled at the company, amid fresh claims that other current staff are also experiencing difficulties with pay.

The previous employee at the Stirches facility, who did not wish to be named, has spoken of an on-going battle with the national firm to recoup one week’s worth of holiday pay which she claims she is entitled to. But despite repeated attempts by MP Michael Moore, as well as local Councillor Stuart Marshall on behalf of several other employees, Park Homes have failed to respond.

The former worker said: “I left St Andrew’s a year past October and they are still due me a weeks’ holiday pay.”

The source also claims it took six months for the company to return her P45, and added: “I’ve still had no explanation about my money and although it’s not alot, I’m not going to give up.”

And the aggrieved Teri has the backing of Lib Dem MP Michael Moore, who has also vowed to get answers. He stated: “I have written to the director on three occasions on behalf of my constituent and still not had the courtesy of a response. My constituent has been short-changed, which is not right, so I am now trying to track them down by other means.”

Local SBC member Stuart Marshall has also described a poor experience with the firm when trying to solve workers’ money problems. And outlining that there is more than just one isolated incident, he stated: “I have been contacted by a couple of employees regarding wage issues at St Andrews, and a couple of months ago again by different individuals. I wrote to their employers who didn’t even respond to my request to meet with them, or indeed have the courtesy to acknowledge my letter.”

But this week the Hawick News did receive a reply to a request for an explanation from Park Homes, sending a short response which denies in any impropriety. It stated: “St Andrews Care Home makes every effort to ensure ALL staff (existing and those who have left) are paid on time and correct for hours worked and any annual leave that is due. Our procedures are fair and simple in respect to holidays and if these are adhered to then staff are paid in accordance to their entitlement.”