Kirking a ‘special event’ for Cornet

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Cornet Gibson took his first steps into a momentous Common-Riding Week on Sunday, when he was kirked in front of a packed Trinity church.

The 24-year old, along with his Right, Left and Acting Father, were each dressed as neatly as new pins as they took to the helm of Sunday’s proceedings, and the traditional Church Parade behind the Halberdiers.

The timeless long line of Ex-Cornets, Ex-Acting Fathers and supporters fell in behind Cornet Ross Gibson from the town hall at 10.30am as he marched further into local history – and to Trinity church where Rev. Michael Scouler conducted his third Kirking.

The Cornet said: “The Kirking went really well and the minister gave a great service. It was a really special event that was so different to everything else up until now, especially with us dressed in top hat and tails. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.”

Rev. Scouler, who previously kirked Ex-Cornets Michael Davidson and Ross Nichol, commented: “It was indeed a special and significant occasion, probably the best attended Kirking service I’ve known, and floral displays provided a fabulous backdrop. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and the warm sunshine helped, too.”

The minister’s sermon explored the idea of redemption, celebrated in ancient testimony, from Exodus to James Hogg’s Teribus, and supremely, God’s universal act of rescue in Jesus. He added: “The poem/song by James Hogg we know as Teribus is as ancient as it gets, with respect to Hornshole, but it, too, is a song of redemption; of a community restored in honour and identity. Redemption is a wonderful experience of grace.”

Presentations of inscribed Bibles were made by Sheila Cumming, grandmother of the Cornet, to his Lass Michelle; and by Boys’ Brigade Captain Mark Wright to Cornet Gibson. The Lasses, dressed to perfection in their Sunday best, then joined the Big Four and were cheered along the High Street by large crowds who lent their support in the Sunday sunshine.