Kerr hails Teries’ ‘sheer spirit’

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Hawick MP Calum Kerr has thrown the spotlight on the town’s resolute residents who are facing “real adversity” as the floods continue.

He told the Hawick News: “It’s been a horrendous day right across the Borders and Scotland as a whole – the weather has thrown its worst at us and there has been a massive amount of disruption, with floods everywhere and people being evacuated from their homes.

“I’ve been in Hawick and Selkirk nearly all day, and my MSP colleague Paul Wheelhouse has been out doing what he can since 4am. We’ve been supporting the emergency services as best we can and talking to those moved out of their homes.

“One of the things that struck us both most, though, is the amazing work of the flood crews who have been doing their very best all through this. Their dedication and skills have been remarkable.”

The SNP member added: “Of course, it’s very tough indeed for those who have been flooded and I understand how heartbreaking that must be. But the another thing that has really been shining through today is the sheer spirit that people in Hawick and across the Borders have shown. Even at this time of real adversity, that fills me with hope.”