Kate and co bare all for cause close to their hearts

Bedrule’s Kate Mactaggart and seven more ladies of the Jedforest Hunt unzipped their sporting tweeds around Denholm for a foxy calendar raising money for Spinal Research.

The mum of three, who lives and works as an equine sports massage therapist in Bedrule with her husband Jeremy, said: “We’re always trying out innovative ideas to raise money.

“We thought about saucy postcards along the lines of the tennis star scratching her bottom, and then we thought: ‘Let’s make a calendar like the Calendar Girls. A few said ‘absolutely no way’, but a strong core of eight of us were happy to do it.

“There was a certain amount of Dutch courage at 7am on the Saturday morning. We started off on sloe gin and champagne cocktails. When we were posing outside Yvette Jelfs’ shop in Hawick, we were offered quite a few drinks from people outside the pub opposite.

“We really just got into the swing of things. The weekend was great fun. We were lucky it stayed dry. We wanted the calendar to be tasteful and fun, and promote the Borders.

“Originally we were just fund-raising for the Jedforest Hunt, but Spinal Research came into it because we’re all aware of the inherent risk when riding. We’ve all got family or friends who’ve had accidents riding, playing rugby or skiing, and have ended up in a wheelchair. It’s something we can’t comprehend, but it’s close to all our hearts. It’s just: ‘there but for the grace of God’...

“The work Spinal Research do to help find treatment for paralysis is really inspiring. We’d like to raise a minimum of £10,000. The calendars are £10 a shot, and 50 per cent goes to Spinal Research. The girls are all really proud. They were such great models. They also said they’d do it again, but maybe it’s the men’s turn.”

Donate at www.jedforestunzipped.co.uk