Job losses are ‘just a blip’

THE managing director of John Rae Ltd insists there is no crisis at the company after a number of short-term employees were let go this week.

Jock Rae told the Hawick News on Wednesday that the move – which it is understood could have affected up to 13 workers – was necessary due to the time difference between contracts finishing and starting up again.

He said: “I’m disappointed for the lads who are having to drop off for a couple of weeks, but they have been given assurances that if things materialise as they should then there should be jobs for them in the future.”

The company employs around 90 people in total at its branches in Hawick and Kelso.

And Mr Rae denied there were any issues with the business. He added: “This isn’t a long-term problem, it’s just been a blip with the way the contracts have fallen.”