Jaunt along the High Street of yesteryear

Charity DVD-makers, from left: Gordon Gilfether, Stuart Bouglas and Eric Scotland.
Charity DVD-makers, from left: Gordon Gilfether, Stuart Bouglas and Eric Scotland.

Hawick High Street has aye been. Anyone reading this will vouch for that. But what has changed over the years is the array of shops that have come and gone.

Shops that have been forgotten and vanished without trace. Well, not quite, for thanks to the creativity and enterprise of three local men, Eric Scotland, Gordon Gilfether and Stuart Bouglas, those shops have been plucked from the vaults and their doors reopened in a new DVD that is a history lesson and a trip down memory lane all in one.

Titled High Street Shops Past and Present, the DVD brings back memories for those who can remember long- gone shops, while conjuring up thoughts for those who never new such places existed.

A great deal of research has gone into the making of the disc, which was the idea of Eric and Gordon. And with well-presented and highly-informative words from Stuart, complemented by current shop photographs by Eric and Gordon, the DVD has a great balance to it.

Its formula is simple: new pictures of what the street is like now, followed by images of the past.

The trip along the High Street begins at the Tower Knowe end, and the first stop is Deja Vu, the hairdressers, which was previously the Tower Cafe. The dander continues apace and the changing shop fronts are nothing short of amazing and include George Bell (gents’ outfitters), W S Robertson (outfitters), Walter Paisley (ironmongers), Kennedy the Chemist, Timpson’s shoe shop, The Maypole Dairy, Reid the Jewellers with is distinctive clock, and the
R S McColl sweetie shop.

If you don’t recall what stands there now, or don’t know, you will have to take in the DVD. Here are a couple of answers, though: Dobbie and Michie is where Reid the Jewellers stood, while what is now the Flower Pot was formerly the home of R S McColl.

Following its launch today (Sunday) at the museum, the DVD (£5) will be on sale at Deans and Simpson, Hamish Smith’s, North Port, Libby’s Pet Shop, Hutton the Butchers, the Little Shop in Weensland Road and the museum.

A DVD of the opposite side of the High Street will be released in the New Year.

All proceeds go to local charities.