Jane’s joy over Teries’ kindness

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Acting Mother Jane Gray says she has been bowled over by the kindness of townsfolk since Picking Night.

The joy of being part of this year’s Big Eight has been plain to see as the 42-year-old, pictured, has worn a huge smile at every outing. Yet the Borders College lecturer admits that she wasn’t quite prepared for the range of emotions she has experienced so far.

“I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster and I could do with a pause button to take it all in,” Jane told the Hawick News. “But becoming Acting Father and Mother is something Alan and I never thought we would be lucky enough to have the honour of doing, so we are loving every second.”

She added: “People have been so kind and genuine, it has really blown us away.”

The beauty therapy lecturer describes Picking Night and Bonchester Ride-out as some of the most emotional moments so far, but says she will certainly have to take a deep breath during the Thursday Night Chase.

“It’s an extra-special night for Alan and I can’t wait for him to receive his badge of office, so I might struggle then”, she admitted. Pride has radiated from this year’s incumbent as she warms to the role of parental figure, and Jane says she can’t speak highly enough of the rest of the Big Eight. “We couldn’t ask for anyone better,” she stated. “They are absolutely great and we feel so lucky.”

And the mum-of-three is also ably juggling home-life with her other special role, adding: “I get housework done when I can but if things are going a bit pear-shaped, it’s only for a month and it’s absolutely worth it.”