Jackie’s trophy win

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An exhibit of 40 saucy comic postcards from Jackie Scott had Stamp Club members amused and caught the eye of judges to be awarded the Mark Tait Postcard Trophy. These ‘naughty’ coloured postcards of the 1950s/60s were very popular until complaints resulted in them being withdrawn. Runner-up was Jake Coltman’s exhibit of 25 postcards featuring regiments at Stobs Camp 1903-1914.

The Normam Fairbain Millennium Trophy went to Archie Hunter for his exhibit entitled ‘Classic Zeppelin Airship Stamps 1912-1939’. For this stamps-only thematic competition, were the charity labels used initially, prior to Germany issuing the first official stamps for use on zeppelin mail in 1928. These were followed by the first from another European country, Russia, in 1930, and then Paraguay, in 1931, for the first South American flight.

Runner-up was Jackie Scott’s display of stamps issued featuring the Grandmasters and Arms of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, 1969-2005. Club members were the judges for both classes.