It’s plane and simple: Teries still love their hols abroad

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The recent spate of glorious weather has not put Teries off travelling abroad.

High temperatures at home would ordinarily encourage people to save their pennies and stay locally, but the heat has had the reverse affect on townsfolk, and hundreds of Teries will still be jetting off to sunnier climes during the Trades fortnight.

Karen Swinton, from Hendersons Travel, told the Hawick News: “As we’ve had such good weather, you’d think it would be the opposite, but we’ve been extremely busy.”

The High Street firm has seen an increase in late bookings. “The sunshine brings people into the shop,” said Miss Swinton. “I think people enjoy it, so think, ‘oh let’s go away’, as you never know how long the good weather will last.”

There has also been a shift in the choice of destination. Miss Swinton explained: “It’s a lot easier to travel nowadays. People can go on holiday to practically any country, so they don’t just stick to Blackpool or Scarborough any more.”

Airlines have also impacted on getaway destinations. “Flight companies fly to different places nearly every day of the week,” said Miss Swinton. “So you don’t necessarily have to go for the standard 7-14 nights, and you can go anywhere nowadays.”

Hendersons Travel has had bookings for various locations. “Italy’s been quite popular this year, and Spain is always good for families,” continued Miss Swinton. “But we’ve had people going to Canada, Cape Verde, Malawi, Barbados, New Zealand and Australia. These days people travel everywhere in the world.

“They don’t necessarily want the same place year in year out anymore.

“More customers choose city breaks now, too. Venice, Prague and Krakow are very popular.”

The one aspect of holiday booking that has seen some uniformity is the price structure.

“Certainly all-inclusive is what people mostly go for nowadays,” said Karen. “It’s cost effective, as you know what you’ve spent before you go.”