Irene enjoys birthday gift from generous stranger

AN elderly lady has spoken of her susprise after a complete stranger bought her lunch at a local cafe.

Irene Hope revealed the act of kindness happened during a regular visit to Cathy’s Cafe in Bourtree Place.

The 84-year-old said: “When I went in there was a young lass sitting at the window on her own. I smiled at her and sat next to an acquaintance and we chatted about this and that. I never acknowledged the girl. After a while she got up, went to the counter and I smiled as she left.”

But that was when cafe owner Cathy Chambers told her that her Cumberland sausage, chips and mixed veg; steamed pudding and custard and mug of coffee, had been bought for her.

Cathy explained: “I’d never seen the woman before but when she came to the till she said she wanted to pay for Irene because it was her birthday and she bought a stranger a meal in a cafe every year. She didn’t want me to say anything until she left.”

Irene added: “This act from a total stranger goes to show that there is goodness in this life and it’s not all doom and gloom.Thank you stranger for your kind deed.”