Integrated transport system talk is ‘fantasy’

I COULDN’T agree more with the sentiments expressed a fortnight ago (letter of the week) by Jean Bruce regarding John Lamont’s misleading statements on the Border Rail Link.

However, in the election round-up featured in your last issue, he gives the ball another kick and rail campaigners should be grateful for his ‘clarification’.

I think we have got the message. If you wish to see rail services restored in the Borders, don’t vote for John Lamont.

Not that voting for him is going to improve the A7 either.

I wonder if, in his four years as MSP, John Lamont has sat down formally with Jeremy Purvis from Tweeddale and their counterparts from Midlothian and Dumfriesshire, to work out some cross-party strategy for progressing improvements to the whole route and, if he hasn’t, perhaps it is something he should be considering, because quicker access to Hawick is at present compromised by the lack of by-passes at Selkirk and Langholm and the twisted gut of road just south of Mosspaul.

Motorists’ lives are at risk daily on the A7 owing to a dearth of crash barriers (the bend at Glenmayne where a young Hawick lad lost his life a few years ago comes to mind, but there are so many unguarded drops over the whole route).

Mr Lamont has had four years to get even these small improvements under way but he seems to be more enthusiastic about knocking what he calls the ‘Galashiels railway’.

So, the railway is only going to Tweedbank at the moment; it’s only serving a narrow corridor, so the argument goes.

But I believe that railway will yet jolt the studied disinterest of a few John Lamonts and it will be there when his fantasy of an integrated transport system (now would that be bus, John, and more bus, car-sharing, stretch limousines, postal buses, hitch-hiking?) is still on his wish list.

Integration is about variety and, as Jean Bruce pointed out, not either/or.


AFTER reading last week’s letter on car vandalism, I’m writing to you as a disabled pensioner whose car has also been targeted by mindless vandals. It happened while I was parked outside my daughter’s house in Silverbuthall on March 24-25, and resulted in a scratch right along the side and bonnet.

So now I have to pay £75 to get it sorted! I’m on a pension and that’s a lot of money.

I was hoping through your page that this might shame the person into admitting what they did. Or am I just being naive?


THE people of Hawick should get into Councillor Zandra Elliot’s corner and fight where the Common Good Fund is concerned.

Hawick’s Common Good Fund assets belong to Hawick and no other place, and it should never be taken from the town.

So come on Hawick, get your boxing gloves on and fight. In the past we have lost a lot that belonged to us, we cannot let the Common Good Funds go as well.


ON behalf of Hawick Amateur Swimming Club I would like to thank all the people who took part in our annual duck race and those who helped in any way.

The top three winners were Rachel Barwick (£100), Suzanne Moore (Easter hamper), and Rachel Barwick (knitwear). Other prize-winners were Emily Hush, Rowan Whiteford, Chloe Borthwick, Pat Paton, B. Armstrong, David Cranson and Michael Bruce. The prize for the club swimmer selling the winning duck went to Emma Young.

Alison Bruce

Hawick ASC