Inspirational Ellie’s Rotary talk

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President Mairhi Trickett welcomed members and an exceptional and inspiring young speaker from Selkirk, Elle Bunyan. A post graduate student in psychology and care, Ellie, who has already graduated with a PhD from Queen Margaret University, talked about her work in Kumpala, Uganda, and in particular at an orphanage for 250 young people. The children are all from the slums and most have suffered rape and torture.

Disease is also prevalent and Ellie herself had suffered from malaria and typhoid. Uganda is poverty-stricken with extreme hardship and political and military unrest. The children’s ambitions are simple: education and avoidance of AIDS.

No words could describe the mammoth challenges Ellie faced daily for one so young, and members were in total admiration of her bravery, dedication and commitment, which was reflected in Gus Neilson’s vote of thanks.