Indication of bad motorists

In these hard financial times I believe I have spotted a business opportunity which may also provide some much-needed employment in the town.

It would appear that the majority of vehicles that drive around Hawick are not fitted with indicators which, of course, makes life very difficult for motorists as well as pedestrians and it is almost impossible to believe that so many drivers have cars with indicators but do not know how to use them. If this were the case then the police could perhaps review the situation but unfortunately their vehicles seem to lack indicators as well or perhaps the drivers lack the ability to use them.

I’m not exaggerating because I stood at the Sandbed roundabout where 12 vehicles one after the other negotiated it without indicating, as did the thirteenth which was a police car. So as I have stated, there must be a business opportunity in this as I cannot believe that there are so many incompetent drivers in the town or can I?G. J. STOREY