I’ll continue to be ‘responsible’

IN RESPONSE to Bill Atherton’s sarcastic reply to my letter on dog walking, he says legislation forbids dogs to be let off the lead in the park (i.e. public places). It actually says dogs must be kept under close control as “if the dog can lie down and return to you on command then the dog would be under your close control”. This basic obedience is well within the capabilities of most responsible dog owners (and dogs).

In his letter, Councillor Len Wyse says that dogs are not banned from rivers and river banks, so I would advise Mr Atherton to get his facts in order before making such snide comments. Councillor Wise also said that all dogs, with the exception of guide dogs, are banned from cemeteries, and I have no problem with that.

Mr Atherton said I implied that dogs were banned from river banks, whereas I was only stating what had been written in the paper, hence the point of my letter. However, I am very grateful to Councillor Wise for the information supplied in his letter which was very informative, and much more interesting than Mr Atherton’s spiteful opinion.

Mr Atherton also said that the majority of people were not dog owners, well Mr Atherton, with an attitude like yours, I would rather be in the minority. Furthermore, he also said I was to carry on as I have always done like all the other “responsible” dog owners. PS – Don’t worry Mr Atherton, I fully intend to.


IN RESPONSE to Councillor Len Wyse’s letter on dogs and their access to public open spaces, wouldn’t our town’s pavements and paths be in a far cleaner state if Mr Wyse was to adopt the same vigour he used when quoting the Dog Fouling Act in last week’s paper, to actually making inroads in increasing the number of irresponsible owners being brought to book.

That dog dirt which continues to blight our town is an utter disgrace, and yet more pontificating on the subject by Mr Wyse won’t make the slightest bit of difference.


In her letter to the Hawick News last week, Carolyn Riddell-Carre cast doubt on my literacy skills, but let me assure her that I read her letter several times and savoured every word.

We now have it from her, in print, that Hawick is at liberty not to join the new combined single investment strategy for Borders Common Good Funds currently being discussed by Scottish Borders Council – if we so choose.

Mission accomplished!


Last Sunday, we were walking our dogs along the riverside down past the Council yard, when we accidentally dropped one of the dog leads. We didn’t notice this until we had almost reached Denholm. We returned to search for the lead and found that someone had hung it on a low branch of a tree! We would like to thank the person who did this. Cheers!

Jill and Ali Gray

I hope you will all agree that we have just enjoyed another excellent Reivers Festival and the committee would like to thank the public for turning out in force to support all the events.

An enormous amount of work goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen with a wide range of groups and individuals too numerous to mention all doing their bit. This is, I think, what makes the weekend very special and truly a community event.

As always, we are open to suggestions on how to improve or add to the Festival and would welcome any new faces to our committee meetings.

We were delighted to see lots of people young and old taking photos over the weekend and would encourage you all to enter the photography competition! Closing date for entries is Friday, April 8.

See you all next year!

Cath Elliott-Walker

(on behalf of the Reivers Festival Committee)

On behalf of Hawick Golf Club, I would like to thank all the people who gave up their time to help with the refurbishment of the clubhouse. The council of the club are indebted to the members and committee members who helped in any way. It would be unfair to single anyone out, but I feel I must mention club captain Roddy McIntyre for the many hours of hard work he put in along with Dougie Tait who organised the whole thing.

We now have a fantastic facility and with recent help from the Common Good Fund and initiatives such as the golf academy and new members’ deal, the club can look forward to a great season.

Thanks again to one and all and we look forward to seeing members old and new over the coming months. The club looks magnificent.

Dougie Leithhead

Club treasurer

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported the recent National Fire Services charity car wash.

Over £350 was given to the charity and this money will be used to aid injured firefighters to return to operational duty.


Watch manager

Hawick fire station

THROUGH the courtesy of your columns, the Border Holiday Group would like to thank most sincerely the many individuals who gifted goods for the charity shop in the Orrock Halls to raise funds for our forthcoming trip to Germany in September. Many thanks also to all local people and beyond who supported us and helped raise a staggering £1,070 over the two days. Last, but not least, Brian Kerr, who granted us use of the hall and Sarah from the coffee shop for her endless supply of hot beverages to us all, which were very welcome.



As a group of model railway and railway relic enthusiasts, we will be visiting Hawick in mid-June. And if any of your readers have any thing to sell, we would be very interested: large or small collections, model railways (any gauge) and railway relics such as station signs etc. We also collect old Dinky and Corgi toys and doll’s house furniture, all of which must be over 30 years old.

There are six of us in our group and we would welcome anything people no longer want. As private collectors, we always pay the best price we can.

The date for our visit has not yet been, but if anyone wishes to discuss anything, they can contact me on 01253 875205 (near Blackpool).


ON behalf of The Waverley pool teams I would like to thank everyone who came along to support our race night last Friday held in the Waverley Bar.

A special thanks to Hopey, Stewart, Callum, all the staff at the pub and especially to Rob Shiel for his hard work and great compering throughout the evening.

Also thanks to all the race sponsors who kindly donated the prize money and who without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

An incredible £700 was raised and will soon be getting divided up to help local charities. Watch out for the next one in September, which will be even bigger and even better.


Waverley ‘A’ captain