Hughes makes games bow

Former footballer Bruce Hughes is set to make his debut on the Border Games circuit this weekend, writes John Slorance.

Hughes – an ex-player, manager and coach with Hawick Waverley, who also turned out for and coached Hawick Royal Albert, as well as being a one-time Hawick United man – will hit the track at tomorrow’s Earlston meeting.

A member of the Alex Corbett School, he has entered the 800 and 1,600m handicaps and has been handed marks of 60 and 100m.

Speaking to the Hawick News earlier this week, Hughes said: “I’m 36 years old so I suppose you could say I’m a bit late to start running at the games. However, I’m really looking forward to competing on the circuit. It’s something completely different for me and although I don’t expect to do anything, I’ll be trying my best.”

Other Hawick runners in the 800m are: Rory Anderson (45m), Jordan Taylor (70m), Derek Scott (100m) and Gary law (150m). Anderson (60m) also runs in the 1,600m.

Hawick sprinters in the 90m handicap, the main event on th Earlston card, are: Dylan Ali (3m), Matthew Bell (9.5m), David Lauder (10.5m), Corey Wilson (9.5m), Megan Shiel (18m), John Paxton (13.5m), David Hush (18m), Glyn Desport (7.5m), Leon Ali (7.5m), Drew Bryson (19m) and Daniel Elliot (7.5m).

Hawick youngsters in the youths’ ‘A’ 90m handicap (13-16 years) are: Phillipa Robertson (10m), Amy Campbell (13m), Nicole Campbell (13m) and Ronan Mckean (7m).

In the youths’ ‘B’ 90m handicap (9-15 years), Keeley Womack (17m), Charlie Rae (19m), Harry Fowler (21m), Nicky Sutherland (24m), Sean McMichan (18m), Max Hope (21m), Liam Bouglas (20m), Ellis Mckean (21m) and Tom Huggan (15m) represent Hawick.

Isabel Inglis (80m), Jai Patterson (120m) and Fraser Clyne (140m) go for Hawick
in the youths’ 800m handicap.