How hard is it to put litter in a bin?

I THINK the Scottish Borders is a great place to live, and the people are among the most kind,
generous and friendly sort you will ever meet.

And I must say that I have
always had a soft spot for Hawick, it being such a lovely place with its rivers, architecture and the surrounding countryside. This, in my opinion, makes Hawick the jewel in the region’s crown.

However, since arriving
recently to live in the town, I have become aware of one thing in
particular that really does spoil 
its look and perception. And that is litter.

I have noticed that when pupils from the high school leave the school grounds to buy their lunch at food outlets in the town, the wrappings, bottles and tins left over are usually
discarded – not in the bins
provided, but dropped on the pavement.

Have a look round the town during the week, between 1pm and 2pm, and you will see the mess left at the following areas in particular – Common Haugh car park, Sandbed and the High Street.

Over the past few weeks, I have sent a letter and two separate emails to Hawick High School, inviting rector Alan Williamson to join me on a walk round the town to see this problem first hand. I have not received a reply which I find rather disappointing.

I am, of course, aware the school has taken measures to
address the litter problem but I have seen no real progress.The bottom line is that pupils are still dropping litter at lunchtimes.

I have recently become a member of Hawick Community
Council and I intend to use this forum to ask questions and to try and deal with this serious problem, which affects the town hugely, and which creates a dreadful perception of Hawick in the eyes of both residents and visitors.

How hard can it be to put
litter in a bin?


Duke Street