Householders targeted in latest scam by bogus workmen

TERIES are once again being warned to be on their guard against bogus workmen and doorstep callers.

The appeal comes after seven incidents in the last three weeks in which males with an English accent have been cold-calling at properties in Hawick, Kelso, Darnick and Melrose, asking occupiers if they require work carried out on their roofs which would appear to have defects

It is understood the men are coming from the Manchester area.

A police spokesman said: “I would encourage occupiers who are receiving unsolicited callers to their property, to take the time to note a description of the individual and note down the registration number of any unfamiliar vehicles parked nearby. Should they believe work is required, we would advise them to contact known local tradesmen and receive quotations for the works required, prior to commencement.”

Anyone with concerns regarding bogus workmen should contact the police on 375051.