Horse rider picture mystery solved

Philip Murray, his wife Ruth, and artist Jan Camus
Philip Murray, his wife Ruth, and artist Jan Camus

THE mystery of the female horse rider picture has been solved.

Following last week’s article in the Hawick News it was revealed that the lady in question was Ex-Cornet Philip Murray’s mother Gladys. And he was presented with the sketch this week by its artist Jan

He said: “As soon as I saw the article in the paper I thought ‘that’s a photo of mother’. It’s unbelievable because it’s so like her.”

Former Trinity Primary School teacher Jan completed the oil pastel of Gladys away back in 1989. As it turned out the horse was called Miranda and was a Palamena mare.

The picture, however, never made it back to Gladys and was only discovered recently by Jan among her painting items.

She explained: “I was really annoyed when I found it and realised the lady had never received it.

“I just hoped someone might recognise it and then they could have it.

“From what I could remember she really loved the horse. She was very proud of it and I thought if someone recognised that then they might get in touch.

“I’m very pleased I’ve found them and that it’s all come together.”

Gladys (nee Barrie) had rode to Mosspaul in 1931 at the age of 13 with a group of four or five others. And Philip still has her badge as proof.

Philip’s wife Ruth added: “She’s been captured just perfectly.”

Several pieces of Jan’s work are currently being exhibited at the new Reivers Moon Gallery in Buccleuch Street.