Hornshole bridge jumpers warned of serious risks

Youths who have been jumping off the bridge into the river at Hornshole have been branded “stupid”.

Stern warnings from both local officials and the police have been issued this week, following complaints that youngsters are launching themselves into the River Teviot from the bridge above.

Councillor Stuart Marshall, who has been contacted on the issue by two concerned members of the public, told the Hawick News: “Kids have been seen jumping off the bridge and to be honest we must do all we can to discourage this behaviour. No-one wants to appear to be a kill-joy during the holidays, but I can’t stress strongly enough that jumping off this bridge at Hornshole is a stupid thing to attempt.”

He added: “The hazards below are many and I can only appeal to those who are doing this to please stop, and think about the serious consequences it may have on you.”

This sentiment is shared by Hawick police boss Carol Wood, who has also spoken out in a bid to prevent swimming accidents. She told the Hawick News: “It can be very tempting for people to go swimming or wade into water, particularly children with the school holidays well under way and when the weather is warm, however, it can also be very dangerous. If you are going into the water, make sure it is at a well-known swimming area, don’t take unnecessary risks, and make sure someone knows you are

And SBC’s executive member for community safety, Councillor Donald Moffat, has issued a starker warning to parents about safety around water, adding: “On average between 40 and 50 children drown in the UK every year. As a councillor, I have seen the devastating impact on a family of a relative drowning, and I would not want to see another go through that.”

Meanwhile, the Hawick News understands that a local dog drowned recently while swimming at The Cauld.