History classe back at start of new session

IAN LANDLES’ popular ‘night clesses’ return on Monday.

And the ten-week programme, which is held at the high school, will kick off the latest cycle of sessions as ‘pupils’ get the chance to learn all about the town.

Former history teacher and local entertainer, Ian, said: “If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do then this is the time to sign up because we’re right back at the beginning again.

“I think it takes about three years to cover all the areas although there’s no obligation to stay on any longer than the ten-week block.

“As Mary Poppins said: ‘Let’s start at the very beginning which is a very good place to start.”

The classes cost £25 and registration is on Monday.

This session includes a look at the surrounding countryside, the railway and rugby.

Ian added: “It’s good, clean fun. It’ll be entertaining and not dry history. I’ve even been known to burst into song every now and again.”