High St defibrillator plea

A plea has been made for a defibrillator to be installed on the High Street, writes Jason Marshall.

Community council vice-chair Cameron Knox mooted the idea at Monday night’s meeting, and said that although the Think Fitness
gym in O’Connell Street had one, if its premises was locked there would be no access to that defibrillator.

Mr Knox explained that he had seen one outside the Copshaw Kitchen in Newcastleton and thought it was a “cracking idea”. He continued: “It is available to
everybody if anything happens.

“So I think we should maybe apply to [sudden heart failure charity] Avril’s Trust for help and to see how much it would cost for one to be fitted next to the town hall or adjacent to it. Plus, some of us volunteers should go on a training course on how to use the apparatus because it does save lives.”

Scottish Borders Council councillor, Stuart Marshall: “It’s a great idea. I did the training course two years ago up at the Volunteer on a Sunday morning, and it was all morning, but that’s it.”

Community councillor Andy Maybury pointed out that there was also a defibrillator inside Tower Mill, but was told by Councillor
Marshall that it was only any use if it [the building] was open.

Councillor Marshall said the proposal would qualify for financial support from Scottish Borders Council’s Quality of Life Fund and he would be happy to work with Mr Knox on the project.