Hero Anne Marie as she plucks dog to safety

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A 7AM stroll in the park turned slightly dramatic for Anne Marie Logan last week when she found herself knee-deep in the River Teviot trying to rescue a small dog.

The high school dinner lady was walking her own dog when she met a heavily pregnant woman in some distress – because one of her beloved dogs was struggling to get out of the water.

Eighteen-month old Jack Russell ‘Scrumpy’ had been knocked into the river near the entrance to the park by its bigger companion, a short-haired collie, and become trapped underneath the banking.

Owner Carly Chambers told the Hawick News: “All I could hear was him crying and the odd gurgle, but I was scared to do anything with only 10 weeks to go until I have my baby. Several people had walked past, but Anne Marie was brilliant and helped straight away.”

Her rescuer jumped into action and scrambled down the steep banking towards Scrumpy, using dog leads latched around the trees to secure her own safety, whilst Carly called the Fire Brigade for extra help.

Anne Marie (pictured) said: “I did slip in up to my knees at one point but I managed to get the dog out using a branch, and once the fire brigade arrived they helped get the other dog out. The poor wee Jack Russell was shivering and terrified but both dogs were fine.”

Carly added: “I was in a bit of a state but Anne Marie was so calm, she was amazing, and I can’t thank her enough.”