Henry’s competition double

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It was a competition evening at the Film and Video Group meeting last Tuesday, with categories ‘Five-Minute’ and ‘Jean Tait’.

Trophies for each category were judged by votes from the audience, and the results are as follows:

In the Five-Minute competition, Henry Gray and Jean Tait shared first place. Henry’s film was a documentary about the repair and renovation of ‘Murray’s Cauld’ near Selkirk, which now has a turbine generator fitted, producing electricity for the national grid. Jean’s entry was ‘Linlithgow Canal’ featuring a relaxing cruise along this rural waterway through peaceful and attractive scenery.

The Five-Minute category was won by Henry with his informative walk round the lake and parkland of the Haining estate in Selkirk.

The meeting on November 11 will be a programme of films from the Scottish Association of Moviemakers.