Helpline advises mother to wheel screaming daughter to hospital

Jordana Finnan with knee splint and crutches and her mother Caroline Hush
Jordana Finnan with knee splint and crutches and her mother Caroline Hush

A local mum has hit out at a government-run medical helpline service after her daughter lay screaming in agony for more than an hour with a dislocated knee.

Caroline Hush, 43, has accused NHS 24 of offering “unthinkable” and “unsafe” solutions and her adviser of adopting an overly-abrupt and distrusting manner as her daughter, Jordana Finnan, lay crippled in pain at their house in Crailing Court.

After hearing suggestions of using a computer chair to wheel her daughter from an upstairs bedroom into a car, Ms Hush hung up and dialled 999, whereupon paramedics ensured Jordana, 13, could be treated in hospital.

“Some of the things the adviser suggested I do with my daughter were unthinkable,” said Ms Hush.

“I knew it wasn’t safe to move her. I said I wasn’t prepared to move her and wanted an ambulance, but she wouldn’t have it.

“My daughter was sitting on her bed, one hand on her knee and screaming. Her knee had locked while she was sitting cross-legged on her bed with her laptop. The NHS women asked if I had a computer chair to wheel her out to the car. My daughter’s bedroom is upstairs, so I didn’t know how she expected us to do that – let alone the safety issues involved.

“Jordana was that anxious and got herself that worked up, and the paramedics were working with her for 40 minutes to stop her hyperventilating.

“I’ll never phone NHS 24 again – I will phone 999 from now on.”

Jordana later made a full recovery in hospital, while NHS 24 has investigated the case. The organisation’s medical director, professor George Crooks, told the Hawick News: “We would like to apologise to the family for any distress that was caused and reassure them that their case will be fully investigated. We would encourage the family to get in touch with us directly to discuss their case in further detail.”