Hawick woman given supervision order for assaulting police officers and causing rumpus

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A woman has been given a two-year supervision order at Selkirk Sheriff Court for causing a rumpus at her father’s home and assaulting two police officers.

Claire Condie, 29, of Allars Bank, Hawick, was warned that if she is involved in any further trouble she will be sent to prison.

She pleaded guilty to kicking and punching a police constable and attempting to bite one of his legs at her father’s home at Wellington Court in Hawick on February 17.

She also admitted kicking a female police constable to the body and struggling violently with her on the A6091 by-pass.

Condie pleaded guilty to a third charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at Wellington Court by shouting and swearing and making threats of violence.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said events started with Condie turning up at her father’s home under the influence of drugs and he then phoned the police to ask them to come and remove her as he could not control her.

When police officers arrived at around 10.30pm, she was lying on a sofa with a cushion over her face.

Mr Fraser said she started swearing at the officers and was aggressive.

Attempts were made to remove Condie from the couch, but she lashed out at an officer by kicking him and attempting to bite his ankle.

Condie then became unresponsive due to the drugs she had taken, so an ambulance was summoned to take her to the Borders General Hospital at Melrose.

She refused to tell anyone what drugs she had taken, and police left her at the hospital.

At 4.15am, they got a call from the hospital to say Condie had discharged herself but staff were still concerned about her condition.

Mr Fraser said that at about 4.45am Condie was found lying on grass near the entrance to the hospital with her knees up to her chest.

He added: “She was shouting at them to leave her alone, but they could not leave her due to the dangerous location she was in.

“During this, she kicked a female police officer to the right knee and was taken into custody.”

Defence lawyer Mark Harrower said the offences occurred while Condie was feeling low and had taken substances.

He pointed out she had already spent five weeks in custody in connection with the matter.

Sheriff Peter Paterson imposed a supervision order lasting two years as a direct alternative to custody and warned her of the consequences if she is involved in any more trouble.