Hawick’s SNP membership hits 200

Hawick and District SNP welcomed its 200th member this week – and branch convener Gail Hendry says the Nationalists are “fast becoming the party of choice” for Teries.

Speaking to the Hawick News this afternoon, Mrs Hendry said: “Prior to the referendum we had 43 members of the branch and our leap to 200 in just two months is an incredible outcome that no-one could have predicted following the result we had.

“This a clear indication that people in Hawick want change – we are no longer going to settle for Tory or Lib Dem representation just because ‘it’s aye been’. It’s time for real progress to be made on poverty levels in the Borders, fuel prices for rural areas and having proper representation for Scotland in an international capacity.

“Westminster has let us down badly here and the Tory/LibDem coalition has given us nothing of benefit. Contrast this to free prescriptions, no tuition fees, free personal care, council tax freeze and countless other measures the SNP has given us to benefit the least well off in our community and it is clear why we are fast becoming the party of choice for people in Hawick.

Mrs Hendry also said she was looking forward to the enthusiastic new branch members getting out and about locally to campaign for more SNP representation and to continue the call for full independence for Scotland. “Only then will we see Hawick truly reach its full potential as a thriving community,” she added.