Hawick police take tougher line on illegal parking

Police are clamping down on illegal parking
Police are clamping down on illegal parking

Local police officers have been stepping up the fight against drivers who park illegally over the last two weekends.

The moves comes after months of criticism over inaction on those who feel they can park anywhere in the town.

And at one meeting recently a Hawick Community Councillor said the High Street was a “free for all” because the police didn’t seem to care.

But in the last 10 days cops have ticketed 20 rogue parkers and have issued warnings to another five

This news will be welcomed by many shopkeepers who claimed drivers were parking in front of their shops without any risk of a ticket and that it was affecting trade.

This week local police inspector Carol Wood told the Hawick News: “Our activity was met positively by the public and we will continue with this action in the coming weeks whenever operational policing duties allow.”

Community officers will continue to target those perpetrating road offences and we thank the public for their cooperation.”

And former top cop and current councillor for Hawick and Denholm Watson McAteer said: “While news of the recent police blitz on illegal parking will be welcomed by many in the town, my concern is that without a regular and consistent approach to this growing problem bad habits will persist.”

He added: “While the Police Scotland focus must of course be road safety they need to acknowledge that effective traffic management will bring consequential benefit to all in the town.”

One shopkeeper told the Hawick News this week that while he welcomes the police clampdown more needs to be done.

He added: “I was pleased to see the police ticketing cars but it needs to happen more often and not once every few months. Since the traffic warden was paid off it’s been a total nightmare. I have seen cars parked on the street in the same spot without turning a wheel for days on end and no one seemed bothered.

“Hopefully this will send out a clear message that you just can’t abandon your car on the High Street and forget about it.

“Shopkeepers on the street rely on passing trade being able to stop and for folk to jump out of their vehicles and into the shops and that has suffered a lot in the past few months. Hopefully it’ll start to get a bit better now that folk could be fined.”