Hawick man fined £80 over row with neighbours about noise

The Loan in Hawick.
The Loan in Hawick.

A dispute with his elderly neighbours ended up costing a 53-year-old man £180 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Andrew McFarlane pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, repeatedly striking a door and shouting and swearing at the Loan in Hawick on September 29.

The court was told that McFarlane was alone in his flat, downstairs from neighbours aged 75 and 74, at about 11.20pm.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said: “He was making a lot of noise. The lady upstairs banged her foot on the floor in an attempt to quiten him down, but it made it worse and he went to her door and was asking why she was banging and he was also abusive about her and her background and the family she came from.”

Eventually, the police were called, and McFarlane was arrested and taken to Hawick police station.

Defence lawyer Mark Harrower said: “This is the first incident that has caused difficulty.

“He wants to apologise but has been unable to communicate with the neighbours because of his bail conditions.”

McFarlane was fined £80 and ordered to pay his neighbours £100 compensation.