Hawick hairdresser counts cost of vandalism

Harry Stoddart
Harry Stoddart

High Street hairdresser Harry Stodart has slammed the drunken vandals responsible for smashing an expensive glass window at his premises.

Mr Stodart says he’s “past being depressed” about this kind of behaviour as it’s the fourth time in six years he’s been targeted.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, Mr Stodart said: “I am appalled at this latest incident. I run a micro-business here and it’s difficult enough to trade in the current climate. But now, and not for the first time, I find myself having to work for a whole week, or perhaps even two weeks for free to cover the cost of my insurance excess.

“I am disgusted at the constant drunken, drug-fuelled vandalism local traders are subjected to and it needs to stop. I have been trading on High Street for three decades now and I have never known it as bad as it is now. Over the past few weeks there has been several similar incidents and it costs hard-working, decent traders money every time it happens.”

Mr Stodart tried several times to contact police on the 101 number and in the end had to walk to Wilton Hill to report the incident.

He added: “I am not having a go at the ordinary police on the street here. They do a marvellous job and in the past they have been brilliant in detecting those responsible for past incidents which resulted in one person being sent to jail and the other heavily fined. But ordinary officers are being badly let down by Police Scotland.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police in the Scottish Borders received a report of a window being damaged at a business premises in Hawick High Street, which occurred some time between 4pm on Saturday 11 April and 5pm on Monday 13 April. Anyone with information is urged to contact Police Scotland on 101.”