Hawick councillor’s broadside at housing chief exec

Councillor Davie Paterson
Councillor Davie Paterson

Councillor Davie Paterson this week told the chief executive of a local housing provider that he “finds it difficult to believe anything” her organisation tells him, writes Colin Purvis.

The claim comes in the ongoing row over barren and unkempt flower beds in the west end and Mr Paterson also levelled the same charge at Ayrshire-based ground maintenance group Land Engineering.

An email from one of Mr Paterson’s constituents claims she is having to pay a private gardener to carry out work on her own garden which is being affected by Scottish Borders Housing Association-owned land.

The woman says she is “sick of having to get my gardener up to spray and weed my banking because of the seeds that blow over. They [SBHA] dug a flower bed and turned it over at the top of Cheviot Road but have not done anything to this one. I would like something done about this or I am considering making an appointment to see [Hawick MSP] John Lamont”.

Mr Paterson told the Hawick News that he has been pressuring the social landlord to carry out the work, but as yet he’s had no luck.

And in an email to SBHA chief executive Julia Molloy, Mr Paterson wrote: “Julia, there seems to be a complete breakdown in communication here with SBHA and Land Engineering and personally I find it difficult to believe anything that SBHA or Land Engineering tell me now.”

And in a reply, the landlord told the Hawick and Hermitage member that a solution was being sought.

In an email, Michael Melton, project assistant to Ms Molloy, wrote: “Thanks very much for your email to Julia.

“I can confirm that, as per the previous correspon-
dence on the issue, Julia is aware of the issue and the services team are working towards a solution.

“For future reference, if you could please use the councillor enquiries email address for correspondence, [as] this helps
us to more effectively route your query to the relevant

Mr Paterson added: “It needs sorted, I have several unhappy constituents.”