Hawick burglar spared jail for stealing women’s underwear

Newcastle Crown Court.
Newcastle Crown Court.

A lorry driver has been spared jail for breaking into three houses to steal women’s underwear.

Craig Brydon, 38, was instead given a 16-month prison sentence suspended for a year and a half.

He was also ordered to carry out 120 hours’ unpaid work.

Brydon, of Atkinson Road in Hawick, pleaded guilty to three charges of burglary at Berwick Magistrates’ Court back in February, but the case was then committed to Newcastle Crown Court for sentencing.

That switch of court was made because it was felt that Brydon’s crimes might merit a tougher sentence than the magistrates were empowered to hand out.

Brydon’s break-ins, carried out while he was on the road for his job as a heavy goods vehicle driver, were prompted by his fetish for wearing ladies’ knickers, both courts were told.

All three burglaries were carried out in Wooler, one in the town’s South Road and two in Fenton Grange, in August and September 2016 and on an unspecified date between 2015 and 2017.

Brydon was caught after abandoning a pair of women’s high-heeled shoes with his DNA on near the South Road address.

A subsequent search of his home brought to light property including women’s lingerie and a wig taken from the Wooler homes.

Brydon initially denied carrying out the break-ins, claiming to have acquired the items in question from skips or charity shops, but his work records placed him in Wooler on the nights of two of the burglaries, prompting him to change tack and own up.

According to reports ordered by the magistrates, Brydon has been suffering from a paraphilic disorder and depression, the former being responsible for his underwear fetish.