Having to find the right time to be feeling unwell

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I AM writing to air my disbelief and anger at the latest change in the way my doctor’s surgery at O’Connell Street operates and deals with its patients.

The good old days of being able to see your family doctor the same day or next day are long gone, and the idea that we used to be able to dial the surgery number at night or at weekend, maybe speak to the doctor’s wife, and arrange a house call a few hours later seems almost like a fantasy.

Trying to make an appointment to the see a doctor or proving that you are actually worthy of an appointment is bad enough, but there’s now an incredible new rule that you can only phone for results on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – and because there is only a half hour window per day allowed to do this, even just trying to get through is almost impossible.

So if it’s a Monday or a Friday and you want to phone for results, forget it.

I can understand that some changes have occurred over the years, but when it comes to a simple phone call to learn a result, and whether any medication is required, this seems a step too far.

Being unwell can be difficult and worrying enough, without the caring profession making it worse.


Another successful raid from England to Hawick secured me my annual fix of Hawick Balls, Moffat Toffee and Lindisfarne Mead.

Inclement weather did not matter a jot because of good Scots company, healthy Scots food and fresh Scots air.

However, my Hawick heaven was marred by the unusual quantity of dog muck along the path behind Sainsbury’s; from the metal bridge to the weir and up to the park.

Pity the blind me thought. Also pity those whose noses function well. Incidentally, what is the bird-shaped corpse-like object hanging from the bridge?

Down south this idyllic walkway would be given a scatological nickname. Whatever possesses so many of Hawick’s dog owners to let their beloved pets run riot, foul willy-nilly and then not clean up their vile excrement? Name and shame I say.


On behalf of the Teribuskers group I would like to express our sincere thanks to all the musicians who turned up and performed despite the difficult conditions on Saturday afternoon.

After a hugely successful ceilidh on Friday night it was disappointing to awake to such a dreich Saturday. Unfortunately due to the conditions buskers were thinner on the ground than in previous years but the hardy soles who did turn out did both themselves and Hawick proud.

A special thank you must go to the small group of volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend, without their help this festival couldn’t go ahead. Also the support of our sponsors D.S Dalgleish, J. Rae Ltd, Hawick Walking Festival and Pearl’s hairdressers.

In conclusion I have to mention the bunch who ventured up the park on Sunday afternoon and finished (guitars abandoned) knee deep in Wilton burn catching ducks! Yet still managed a few tunes outside the café. You know who you are. Thanks again.