Group wants flood of volunteers

HAWICK Flood Group has issued a plea for new volunteers to come forward.

The local group, declared one of the best in Britain by a national expert, has announced that it is looking for new members to help improve efforts to assist those most at risk as winter approaches.

Set up after the deluge of 2005, the well-organised group has a well-rehearsed action plan that identifiess those who may need help, and has also fitted marker boards to measure river levels, and purchased state-of-the-art sandbags.

A group spokesperson said: “The aim is to react in the event of a flood warning and check on and assist pre-identified vulnerable people and the general public until there is an all clear or actual flooding, at which time the group would pass on responsibility to the emergency services.”

Hawick is split into different zones and new members would be placed with experienced members who will pass on their knowledge of the way rivers behave during flooding.

The spokesperson added: “Although we can’t prevent floods, we can limit their impact. That’s why everyone should be prepared. Even if you live or work in an area that hasn’t flooded before, or is above ground level, it’s still important that you are prepared to take action.”

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