Group has been ‘an abject failure’

ONE can only imagine the howls of derision echoing through Councillor Ron Smith’s ward following his comment on the Hawick Development Group in last week’s paper.

To sugggest the group is “very useful” is absolutely appalling when the truth of the matter is that it has been an abject failure.

Contrary to what council leader David Parker says, the development group has achieved absolutely nothing, and surely Mr Smith (and his fellow councillors Zandra Elliot and Jock Houston) must realise this and be extremely alarmed at the complete lack of headway being made in terms of revitalising the Hawick economy.

The whole development group thing has been a huge let-down, but, let’s be honest, we didn’t really expect anything else.


FURTHER to SBC leader David Parker’s comments on the development group in last week’s Hawick News, I’d like to ask him if he can tell me one thing the group has achieved over the last two years. Something. Anything.

It’s just that every time he rolls out the tired old chestnut that is the issue of commercial sensitivity it holds less and less water with me.

Okay, so we’re really up against it to attract new industry to the town. But what exactly has the group done to help existing companies in Hawick? Or is this also confidential information?


I TAKE my hat off to Dr Ross and his letter in last week’s Hawick News.

I’m not that old but I am old enough to remember how hard Hawick folk fought to get Teviotdale Leisure Centre in the first place. I am also old enough to remember a lot of old Hawick doctors and the work and hours that they put in to Hawick.

Some long gone, some still living in the town, but all great men with clout! Dr Bill Cameron, Dr Ford Simpson, Dr Suttie, Dr Rory Hamilton, too many to name but all very proud of Hawick and happy to do what they could for the town – charity work, Round Table and Rotary Club.

Fund-raising for the Haig Maternity Hospital along with the old Cottage Hospital and there are loads of plaques on walls to celebrate these pillars of the community.

My point is that these men and the current doctors in town still do a great deal of unreported work, and when they take to writing in the paper then you know it’s serious.

Dr Ross gets the point over far better than I could and in his trade will see the downside of no swimming pool in the town.

Let’s hope that Scottish Borders Council actually takes on board what Dr Ross has said.

It’s odds on that they won’t as what Dr Ross has said makes sense, yet SBC tends to do things that don’t make a lot of sense.


AT THE risk of attracting another diatribe from Billy McWatters, I’m left asking myself, as I’m sure many of your readers are, just why he didn’t make his displeasure over the price of a bowl of soup known to the proprietor of the establishment at the time, thus bringing the matter to a swift, if perhaps somewhat awkward, conclusion.

Why he chose to go to the local press over something as trivial, only he can attempt to explain. But before you pick up your pen, Mr McWatters, we’ve all got far more on our plates (pardon the pun) in these economically troubled times, and we’re really not that interested.


I JUST had to put pen to paper to say how friendly, efficient and considerate the staff are at Brydon’s Bakery and Restaurant.

Without prompting, one young girl rushed to open both doors when she saw me struggling to get the pram in, while another brought a paper bag with an order in case her elderly customer couldn’t manage all her scone, thus she could take it home for later. Customer satisfaction guaranteed, well done!


HAWICK Welcome Initiative would like to thank everyone for their support at their recent coffee morning.