Grieve’s call to lower speed limit on the A7

Burnfoot council chair Michael Grieve at the Homebase roundabout.
Burnfoot council chair Michael Grieve at the Homebase roundabout.

Burnfoot Community Council chair Michael Grieve is pushing for a cut in the speed limit on the A7 from the Homebase roundabout to the town boundary.

Mr Grieve told last Tuesday’s meeting that he was concerned about the speed of traffic approaching Hawick, and he had written to the A7 Action Group to suggest the possibility of lowering the limit from 60mph to 40mph.

He added: “I had an interesting discussion with action group secretary Marjorie McCreadie and it [Mr Grieve’s proposal to have the speed limit reduced] will be brought up at the A7 group’s next meeting.”

Scottish Borders Council councillor, Stuart Marshall, told Mr Grieve: “Chair, I’ve this week asked for Garry Head, Amey’s regional manager, to meet with Councillor Watson McAteer and I with regards to several issues in the Wilton Hill area, and you’re free to join us . . . and you might use that opportunity to press your case.”

Mr Grieve said he had also raised the issue with the police in the past and added: “I’m hopeful [because] it makes sense to step that [the speed limit] down.”

Community councillor Martin Jacques said: “It’s a very good idea to try and get the 40mph limit, particularly as it [the stretch of road in question] is downhill.

An Amey spokesperson said: “Amey is currently carrying out a review on both approach roads to Hawick, on behalf of Transport Scotland.

“This includes a series of speed checks on these routes, with our report scheduled for completion by the end of March 2016. We will make our recommendations when the study is completed.”