Greg’s back home after horror fall

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EX-CORNET Greg McLeod has narrowly escaped paralysis after being thrown from his horse on Sunday.

Doctors at Borders General Hospital told the 2003 Cornet he was extremely lucky following the horror fall which broke four bones in the middle of his spine. Speaking from hospital on Wednesday, shortly before being discharged, Greg, who will have to wear a body brace for at least six weeks, said: “Doctors say it was a good break if there’s such a thing, any higher and it would be a lot different.” And describing the dramatic fall at Sunnyhill, he went on: “My horse spooked as I was trying to get on, then got a fright again when I didn’t have my stirrups and started galloping down hill. He bucked me off and I went flying through the air backwards, landing on my back and head.”

Greg says he heard his back crack and was in agony, but luckily was near to his in-laws’ home, who heard his cries for help, and called an ambulance. Over 100 messages have since been sent to Greg on Facebook, and he added: “I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me and wished me well.”