‘Great honour’ for Cornet’s Lass at Hornshole

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Cornet’s Lass Lois McCredie was a picture of serenity at Sunday’s wreath-laying at Hornshole.

The popular Lass once again proved that she is the perfect choice for the role, as she completed the first of her main duties with the utmost of respect.

Lois, who wowed onlookers throughout the day with an outfit comprising a striking, fitted turquoise dress, bravely accompanied by a stunning bright red hat, carried out one of the Common-Riding’s more sombre ceremonies
with dignity and ease. She said: “It was slightly nerve-racking [beforehand] but when it actually came to doing it I felt myself relax and I just wanted to do a good job.”

The Big Four had already visited the hallowed spot the previous evening on their return from Denholm. But on Sunday, immediately after lunch as the clock struck 3pm, this was the time for the four Lasses to pay their own respects.

With many townsfolk in attendance to witness the special tribute, silence then fell, and the four women walked forward to the front of the monument.

And the Cornet’s Lass, flanked by Right-Hand Lass Michelle Paxton, Left-Hand Lass Heather Amos and Acting Mother Lynne Gilchrist – all of whom were also immaculately dressed – then took her first official steps into the local history books.

Lois, who has continually shown a quiet understanding of her position in this year’s celebrations, says she felt the signifigance of that moment as she reflected on the special atmosphere at the historic spot. She added: “It was a serious moment but a great honour. And I thought it was a nice way to reflect on what the Common-Riding is all about.”

After the laying of the wreath, the Cornet’s Party was driven to the Moor where they inspected the course for Exhibition Sunday ahead of this weekend’s racing.