Good news on Burnfoot youth crime

Police were called to Burnfoot just three times last month over anti social behaviour issues involving youths.

And in the last five months cops have handled 44 youth related anti social calls compared to 51 over the same time period last year.

Community leaders were quick to praise the efforts of the police and are keen for the current trend to continue.

Richard Knight, who chairs Burnfoot Community Council, said: “This is absolutely brilliant news. And it once again highlights the importance of being able to get figures specific to the estate. The police do a good job up here and the we work hard in conjunction with them to make Burnfoot a better place.”

Mr Knight made the call for statistics to be tailored specifically for Burnfoot at Last month’s community council meeting after police reported that they could only give figures for the Hawick and Denholm ward area.

And he continued: “Hopefully we will be able to continue this trend and specific police figures would allow us to target certain areas. This would be a massive benefit not only to both police and councillors but to residents also.”

And Hawick and Denholm member Stuart Marshall says the downward trend is something that everyone should be proud of: “I have certainly noticed a decrease in youth related calls and anti social behaviour incident being reported to me. This is excellent news and something that we can be proud of.”

And former top cop and now councillor, Watson McAteer added: “It was very encouraging to learn that there had only been 3 instances of youth disorder reported in Burnfoot during July. This trend has been apparent over the last 12 months with a significant overall reduction in this aspect of anti-social behaviour. This is good news for Burnfoot residents and a positive indicator for the future.”

Local Inspector Carol Wood added: “It is extremely pleasing to see the reduction of youth calls to Burnfoot. This brings peace for the local residents and allows officers to focus on other matters. Hopefully this trend will continue throughout the winter months. Officers will continue to give the area attention to prevent any increase in these types of calls.”