Golf club grant to cure drainage issue

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HAWICK Golf Club has received a £26,305 grant from the Landfill Communities Fund.

And that means that, together with grants from Scottish Borders Council’s community grants scheme (£3,695) and Roxburgh Sports Council (£5,000), the drainage problem on the course can now be addressed. It is understood the issue has arisen due to the former Curling Pond close to St Leonards, with water flowing down and causing particular damage to the first three holes at the Vertish.

Golf club captain Ryan Lyall said: “The Common Good Fund was going to have to fund it, but they asked us if we could try to source some funding to offset the total amount. This is great news for our members, especially the youngsters in our academy who only use the bottom part of the course.”

Club council member Roddy McIntyre said: I’d personally like to thank Linda Cornwall, the grant coordinator from the council, Ian Jarvie, from the landfill agency, and Ron Smith and his colleagues at the Common Good for all their support.”

Councillor Ron Smith said: “I’m delighted that the drainage problems are to be addressed.”